Join the Fleischmann Choir?


Anyone over the age of eighteen may apply to become a member of the Fleischmann Choir.


All prospective members will be invited to audition, and a place will be offered subject to the musical ability of the candidate, and the availability of an appropriate vacancy in the choir.


Audition Guidelines

The audition, led by the conductor of the choir, will seek to assess the following:


1) Prior experience

You will be asked to outline your musical and/or choral experience to date (prior experience singing in a choral setting is not required but certainly beneficial).


2) Vocal assessment

You will be asked to sing a number of exercises to determine your vocal range (highest and lowest notes), vocal weight (where the voice performs most comfortably) and passagio (the point at which the voice transitions from one register to another). There is no need to warmup in advance.


The first set of exercises will consist of a rising and falling five-note scale pattern sung to ‘la’ or another suitable syllable. We will begin by assessing your upper range, followed by your lower range.


The second set of exercises will consist of a longer rising and falling scale pattern to determine the placement of your passagio. It is important that you allow your voice to transition naturally during these exercises; do not worry if your upper register sounds markedly different.


3) Aural assessment

You will hear a short melody three times and be asked to sing it back: firstly, in unison with the conductor; and then on your own. This is to assess your ability to blend as well as aural accuracy.

The conductor of the choir will contact you by email in the days following to let you know the outcome of your audition.




Please contact the choir for further information and to request an audition. 

The Fleischmann Choir


. . . is a 120-piece choral ensemble, performing major works and large-scale repertory for mixed-voice choir and orchestra.